22 year old Scottish  artist specialising in portraiture and Illustration.

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil, it's all I've really done since then. I grew up constantly drawing cartoons and creating characters/stories and have since gone on to graduate with a degree in illustration from DJCAD. However, I really found my interest in art when I began going to hockey around 7 years ago, I decided to try drawing a portrait of one of the players. I'd never drawn a 'realistic portrait' before this point but instantly fell in love with it. Since then I've taught myself to draw portraits, specialising in drawing sports people.

On a personal note It's helped my confidence so much, I'm a pretty shy person but since starting my sport art I've changed a lot. I really struggled to talk or have any sort of confidence in school, i loved school and the people in it, I just never felt confident enough to speak, only really to my closest friends. That kind of made me believe that getting anywhere career wise would be really difficult and i didn't believe in myself at all. Doing the hockey art and meeting so many lovely people through it who wanted to hear what I had to say or see what I do made me believe a litte bit more and help that confidence grow. Through a lot of hard work I've somehow managed to start my own little business and work for a couple of other businesses at the same time either selling art or designing for them, alongside raising over £3,000 for the Childrens Hospices Across Scotland charity (CHAS) in the last few year. 

And that makes me super happy.

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